Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What do I desire?

This morning a line from a psalm really struck me. It asked, "who shall climb the mountain of the Lord?" Part of the answer said it is the one "who desires not worthless things."

That phrase really made me pause. Do I desire worthless things? Are the things that I desire really worthwhile? What are the deepest desires of my heart?

St Ignatius used that last question in helping people to see how God was speaking to them and working in their hearts. I can tell what I really and truly desire by looking at the choices I make each day.

Lord, help me to have holy desires and not to waste my desires on worthless things!


Robin L. in TX said...

Yes, Sister. That's really why Jesus says he'll answer us when we ask in His Name--He's assuming that we are aligning our will with the Father's, isn't He?

It all begins and ends with the mystery of the Trinity, and through Christ, the mystery of the Body of Christ which brings us into union with the Trinity.

Talk about knee-knocking, on your face awe-inspiring!

Happy New Year!

Robin L. in TX

Rae said...

When I read this, I started parsing the sentence like we used to do back in English class. It works either way you parse it:

who desires not | worthless things


who desires | not worthless things

I want to desire | "not worthless things", things that are of worth only.

Sr. Lorraine said...

That's a good way of looking at it, Rae!