Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Lady of Lourds

Here is a prayer from Pope John Paul at Lourdes:

Hail Mary,
poor and humble Woman,
Blessed by the Most High!
Virgin of hope,
dawn of a new era,
we join in your song of praise,
to celebrate the Lord’s mercy,
to proclaim the coming of
the Kingdom
and the full liberation
of humanity.

Hail Mary,
lowly handmaid of the Lord,
Glorious Mother of Christ!
Faithful Virgin,
holy dwelling-place of the Word,
Teach us to persevere
in listening
to the Word,
and to be docile
to the voice of the Spirit,
attentive to his promptings in the
depths of our conscience
and to his manifestations in the
events of history.

Hail Mary, Woman of Sorrows,
Mother of the living!
Virgin spouse beneath the Cross,
the new Eve,
Be our guide along the paths of
the world.
Teach us to experience and to
spread the love of Christ,
to stand with you before
the innumerable crosses
on which your Son
is still crucified.

Hail Mary, Woman of faith,
First of the disciples!
Virgin Mother of the Church,
help us always
to account for the hope
that is in us,
with trust in human goodness
and the Father’s love.
Teach us to build up the world
beginning from within:
In the depths of silence
and prayer,
in the joy of fraternal love,
in the unique fruitfulness
of the Cross.

Holy Mary, Mother of believers,
Our Lady of Lourdes,
pray for us.


Lisa said...

This is a beautiful prayer. I'd like to set it to music.

ANawtyMouser said...

That is such a beautiful prayer! Thank you. Carol