Monday, June 30, 2008

Pictures at St. Paul Basilica in Rome

Our sisters in Italy have posted photos here of the opening of the year of St. Paul at his basilica in Rome. They were present when Pope Benedict went there for the solemn opening.

Year of St. Paul

Here is a great resource for the year of St. Paul: The Society of St Paul has put up a You Tube site that will offer various things throughout the year. Fr Jeffrey of the SSP explains it:

"In light of Pope Benedict's declaration that June 28th 2008 until June 29th 2009 will be a year dedicated to reflecting of the life and influence of St. Paul, the Society of St.Paul has launched a new family friendly ecumenical video sharing site, . It will be a family friendly site devoid of vulgarity, violence, and bigotry. Registration is free and easy. People can share video and audio clips, upload photos, start their own blogs and build a social network of friends from around the world. The feeling for the site will be laid back and homey. Please take a moment to visit the site and send the priests and brothers your feedback."

Monday, June 23, 2008

Christians in Iraq facing persecution

The Christians in Iraq, many of whom are Catholics (of the Chaldean rite) are facing persecution from Islamist extremists. This article gives details about their fate.
Christians have been in Iraq for 2000 years but are now facing extinction. Many are fleeing the country. Please keep them in your prayers.