Friday, September 05, 2008

Palin and apostasy

This is not a political blog and I usually don't write about politics. But yesterday I saw this post at America magazine saying that Palin is guilty of apostasy! The reason? Apparently she was baptized in the Catholic Church. When she was 12 her parents left the Church and brought her with them.

If you think it odd that America would be discussing apostasy, consider the conclusion drawn:
"For the rest of us, it is beyond hypocritical for certain conservative Catholics to denounce Joe Biden because he is Catholic and does not support making abortion illegal while applauding a self-described 'hockey Mom' who is skating close to apostasy. The Church's sacramental traditions and beliefs are as worthy of respect and defense as our moral traditions and beliefs.”

OK, now I get it. We have to be concerned about Palin's supposed "apostasy" because this supposedly levels the playing field in regard to what other Catholic politicians do about abortion. In other words, there's no moral difference between a 12-year old following what her parents tell her about religion, and an adult senator supporting abortion rights, thus cooperating in that evil.

To be sure, I hope and pray that one day Governor Palin will return to the fullness of the faith. But her unfortunate departure from the Catholic faith is totally irrelevant to the question of voting.

Yes, the Church's "sacramental traditions and beliefs are as worthy of respect and defense as our moral traditions and beliefs.” But there's a difference between them when it comes to public policy.
The state has an obligation to protect and defend human life, including the life of the innocent unborn. When it fails, politicians need to act to insure life is protected. That is why the question of a politician's stand on abortion is so important to consider when voting.
But whether or not a politician believes in the Real Presence, or the infallibility of the Pope, or any other article of the Creed, is not relevant to public policy. I don't foresee Congress voting to define any dogmas, do you? Are we supposed to give politicians a test on the Catholic Catechism before we cast our vote? If that were the case, there would be no one at all to vote for!


Kathleen Miller said...

Great points Sister!t

Irene said...

" one at all to vote for!"

That's pretty much it, sister. Remember, "Quid est imperatori cum ecclesia?"

Kimberly said...

Sr. Marianne,

You made some great points and I thank you for sharing them. I pray Sarah will return to her Catholic roots and will continue to be thrilled that she walks her talk when it comes to pro-life. blessed be God Forever!!


Marie said...

As I understand it(I am not American)unless a Pro-Life President is able to replace Supreme Court Judges who support abortion with those who do NOT support it. Then Roe V Wade is here to stay.

If you vote for politicians who advocate for abortion..You are participating in death...Because as each Supreme Court Judge is replaced with yet another PRO-DEATH Judge then nothing will change.:(. How very sad:(.

In order for REAL change surely it is wise and prudent to VOTE for those who are PRO-Life and will hopefully if a vacancy were to occur put in place PRO-Life Judges.

I also hope that Sarah Palin will return to the Catholic Faith:).

Peace to you Sr. Lorraine:) God bless.

Marie:) From Australia.

Jeff Miller said...

Apostasy is the total repudiation of the Christian faith and there is no way that is true in her case. The most you could say if you took a rigorous view is that she is in schism, but for someone never raised in the faith I think that would be rather silly.

It is ironic that is is progressive blogs that bring this up while praising pro-abort Catholic Sen. Biden. Straining gnats they are.

Fr. Jay Finelli said...

Jeff Miller makes a good point.

In my eyes, Sarah Palin is a much better Christian than all of these so called "Catholic" politicians. They openly defy the Church, denounce Her teaching and boast in it.

Our Lord said, "Better for them if they had a millstone tied around their neck and they be cast into the sea". Maybe the authorities will do noting, but when they meet the Lord, they will pay dearly and so will those who did nothing about them!

robo said...

Pray without ceasing. We need to get together a group of committed Christians to pray for Sarah Palin 24 hours a day. I have never seen the Evil One so viciously attack one of God’s children.

I pray that Christ will place a Guardian Angel over her, because I fear that someone will try to take her life.

She is not being attacked because she is a woman, she is being attacked because she is a Christian woman who believes in prayer and who believes that all life is sacred.

All Saints and Angels, please help us, please help the unborn children and please help Sarah Palin.