Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"For those who love God..."

St. Paul wrote: "For those who love God, all things work together unto good."
I thought of this today as I was the recipient of a random act of kindness. Last evening I stopped at our local car repair station to get a burned out headlight and brake light replaced. As luck would have it, the usual guy wasn't there and the service area had just closed. The attendant informed me I couldn't have it done just then. So I just drove back home in the dark with only one headlight. Anyway, I stopped back this afternoon and got it done. A lady who was there paid for the three bulbs that had to be replaced. It was a "random act of kindness" and I thanked her and it gave me something extra to be grateful about today. This morning's Gospel was about the ten lepers, and only one returned to thank Jesus, so it all fit in.

If things had gone my way last night, I wouldn't have been there today and it wouldn't have happened. It reminded me that it doesn't pay to get upset when things seem to go wrong, because I don't know the final outcome.

There are much bigger things going on in our country than a burned out headlight. So I started thinking about the election last week. I was very disappointed with the outcome because of Obama's deplorable record and positions on abortion. Before the election, I felt a very strong impulse from the Holy Spirit to intercede about it, much more than I've felt in any previous election. So I kept on praying the rosary, and I know that many other people were doing that too. Yes, I'm disappointed, but I also know that ultimately God rules over all, and divine Providence can bring good out of anything. I don't know how God will do that in regard to pro-life issues, but I know that he can and will, in his own good time.

In one way, the election itself gives hope for that. In what way? A little over 100 years ago, President Teddy Roosevelt invited a black man, Booker T. Washington, to dinner at the White House. Afterward, a storm of criticism, much of it very hateful, was poured on Roosevelt. He defended his actions, but never again invited a black man to dinner at the White House. Now, just a century later, we have a black president.

Truly, that is a sea change. 100 years ago, the thought of a black president was completely unimaginable. In a climate where even having a black person to dinner provoked hatred and disgust in large parts of the country, who would have even dreamed of a black president? Yet it has happened, and it is remarkable.

So this gives me hope for the pro-life movement. Today, with abortion so entrenched in our society, it is hard to imagine that our country could be free of the killing of innocent babies. Perhaps it will take another hundred years, but God hears and answers prayers. The pro-life movement will ultimately be victorious. Don't think it can happen? Get into a time capsule and go back 100 years and try telling the people of 1908 what would happen in 2008!


Jackie G said...

Thanks Sr. Lorraine, for sharing your reflections on the elections and abortion in this country. Indeed, the outcome of the elections may be a stumbling block and cause for despair for many whose efforts to eradicate abortion in this country may seem thwarted. However, God is above all, and I believe all things work together for the good of those who love God. So even in these times, we will be victorious. Probably our efforts to stand up for life would have laxed if the outcome would have been different?? Knowing well that the effects of abortion among other issues in this country are impacting similar decisions in other countries, let us not be discouraged but resolve with renewed fervor by God's grace to stand up for Christ, His values and Truth in our world that is so much in need of Him! Thanks for your witness and rest assured of my continued prayers for you and all the sisters :-) United in Jesus Master, for whom all things are possible! Peace, Jackie G.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

That is a very refreshing way to look at this situation! I like it!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I posted something new on my Power of Prayer blog you may want to read.