Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy feast of St Thomas Aquinas!

Today is the feastday of St. Thomas Aquinas. Originally it was March 7, the anniversary of his death, but it usually fell in Lent. So it was transferred to today, which marks the anniversary of the transfer of his relics to Toulouse, where they still are today.

One of the sisters sent me a message saying that in the homily this morning, the priest quoted St Thomas: "It is just as much of a sin not to feast on a feast day as it is not to fast on a fast day!" I don't know the exact source of the quote, but it certainly sounds like something Thomas would say. So it's a great day to feast!

Another Thomas quote: "Not to go along the way of God is to go back."

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paulinespirit said...

Happy feast of St. Thomas Aquinas to you too!

Also hope that you had a great feast of the Conversion of st paul.

many blessings :).