Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Theology of the body on You Tube

Tonight for the first time I watched the theology of the body class that our sisters in Chicago have been hosting. Fr Thomas Loya is the teacher; it's been going on for a while. But you can jump right in. It's the second Wednesday of each month.

It was a fabulous class. He has an amazing way of explaining not only TOB, but the beauty of the Catholic faith. TOB is amazing because it totally contradicts the false ideas people often have about the Church and sexuality. For example, Father was saying that if we look at someone and see the person lust won't be such a problem. This is true even if the person is scantily dressed. He used the example of "soft porn" which is all around us and can hardly be avoided--on billboards, TV commercials, etc. The way to deal with it is to see the "body" being depicted for what is really there--a real person. Pornography thrives by turning people into things, objects for lust. Instead, if we see people as persons, it's harder to view them with lust. A great quote from him: "The way we see comes out of who we are." Then he said recall what Jesus said in the Gospel about eating unclean food--that doesn't make us unclean, but evil thoughts that come out of our own hearts and minds can make us unclean.

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