Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Christ our Victory

Easter is the ultimate assurance of our final victory over sin and death.
Life on earth is never easy. Sometimes it's very difficult. Besides the personal trials that each one of us faces, whole societies and countries can go through trying times. We are living through one of those times now, with the economic problems the world is facing. Many people are out of work and can't find new jobs.
Whatever the problems we face, Christ is our ultimate victory over them all.
It might seem like evil is gaining the upper hand. But Christ is the final victor. Things will get better. We have a beautiful future to look forward to, joy beyond imagining. Easter is a little glimpse of what that future life holds.


Anonymous said...

Blessed Easter to you.

Ruth Ann said...

This is a very hopeful message, and one to hang on to when things look bleak. Thank you!