Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To be true images of Christ

Does it sometimes happen to you that you read a line from Scripture that you've read many times before, and it suddenly jumps out at you in a whole new light?
That happened to me this morning and the verse was Paul to the Romans, 8:29. I read a different translation of it, which says that God the Father "called us especially long ago to become true images of his Son."
"To become true images of his Son." Wow, that sums up the whole spiritual life in a nutshell. To be images of Jesus Christ.
When I was around 5 or 6 years old, one day my father took me out and we had lunch at a diner. The waitress told him that I was his image. It must have made an impression on me, because I can remember it quite vividly. My father beamed and when we got home he told my mother this in a very proud way. It pleased him that I resembled him a lot.
This is an inadequate comparison, but in a similar way I can imagine God the Father looking on us and seeing the image of Jesus, his Son. The gift of baptism is so precious because it makes us members of Christ, his image. The whole task of our spiritual life is to become more like Jesus every day.

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