Monday, August 17, 2009

A Marian week

This week we're between two feasts of Mary: her Assumption on the 15th, and the feast of her Queenship on the 22nd.
Actually, these are like two facets of the same feast. The Assumption is about Mary's final passage to glory, and her Queenship is about what she does in heaven. She doesn't forget about us but always intercedes for us with her Son, Jesus.
Especially for us Americans, the concept of royalty and queenship can seem a little remote. Pope John Paul liked to talk about it in terms of service, however. In his writings about Mary he spoke of her as the attentive servant of the Lord. "To serve is to reign."
A few years ago when I was at a Marian meeting, a sister who had done some research on how people relate to Mary spoke about her findings. She said that thinking of Mary as a Queen was actually popular with men. More men than women said they liked to think of her that way. I thought that was kind of interesting. I'm not sure why that would be-- any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I know that nobility/knighthood is appealing to our sons so maybe it is along that line?