Friday, August 21, 2009

Mary's Queenship

Tomorrow is the feast of the Queenship of Mary. One thing she does as Queen is to intercede for us.
There's a great book on the rosary by Jean La France. In it he calls Mary the "omnipotent intercessor." In other words, if you need anything, go to Mary. If your life is getting off track, go to Mary. If you're in trouble, go to Mary. Just pray to her and she'll get you back on track. Really, there's nothing she can't obtain for us if God wants us to have it. She does for us what she did at Cana. She went to Jesus and just said, "They have no wine." That's it. "They have no money; they have no family life, they have no job...." She goes to Jesus and will present it to him. And her Son will take care of whatever she wants.


Ruth Ann said...

I will remember this tomorrow at Mass. Our local bishop will be presiding at the Mass and then he will lead benediction. Afterwards the bishop will accompany anyone who wants to go with him on a vigil for life. I hope Mary will help save some pre-born lives.

Mary333 said...