Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This amazed me

The news of Kennedy's death evoked a lot of different feelings in me. More than anything, I was feeling disturbed about how the whole issue of abortion affected his career. Sometimes when I'm dealing with the pull of different emotions, I pray about it and ask the Lord for a word from the Scriptures. So I did that and opened my Bible at random, and this is the first thing my eye fell on:

Jeremiah 2:22-23

Though you scour it with soap and use much lye,

The stain of your guilt is still before me, says the Lord God.

How can you say, “I am not defiled, I have not gone after the Baals’?

Consider your conduct in the Valley*, recall what you have done.

*The note on this word says that the Valley refers to Ben-hinnom, south of Jerusalem—the site of a pagan temple where children were sacrificed to the god Molech!

This really amazed me, especially the reference to sacrificing children to Molech. It seemed to confirm for me that it is important to realize that the issue of abortion is major. It can't be shrugged off, for "not as man sees does God see."

A further thought: though soap and lye can't take away our sins, "the blood of his Son Jesus cleanses us from all sin." (1 John)


Angela M. said...

Thank you for sharing that, Sister.

Mary333 said...

I,too have been getting a lot of "words" from the Lord on the condition of our country. This passage from Jeremiah strikes deep. I do most of my writing on "The Beautiful Gate" and have written about some of this. Your post reminds me of one of mine.The Lord is calling us to speak up and I am glad to find others who are not afraid to walk in His Truth. May God bless you!