Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anglicans and the Catholic Church

You've probably heard in the news that Pope Benedict has issued a new Apostolic Constitution that makes it easier for Anglicans to unite with Rome. There are a lot of important aspects to this story, because it is not just about individuals but congregations becoming Catholic, bringing their own pastors. The American Papist blog has a lot of links to this story right now, with in-depth coverage.

Here in Boston there was a small Anglican congregation who came into full communion with the Catholic Church about 10 years or so ago. They came with their priest who I believe was then ordained as a Catholic priest. Bishop Lennon of Cleveland, who was then here in Boston as one of our chaplains, worked with them to accomplish this. They have their own parish where they follow a modified form of the Catholic liturgy that allows them to still use some of the Anglican liturgical rites.

I'm not sure exactly how what they did is different from what the Pope is allowing now. But it seems that it will be easier for groups such as this to become Catholic.
Pope Benedict is being very pastoral and trying to smooth their way.


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