Friday, October 02, 2009

Guardian angels

Today is the feast of the guardian angels.

In 1986 I was stationed in New Orleans. That fall another sister and I went to Grand Isle, Louisiana, for a week of evangelization. It's an island located on the Gulf of Mexico. We drove down in our bookmobile, and the first day we stopped at the local parish and met some of the people coming out of Mass. People in Louisiana are some of the friendliest folks in the world. As they took turns going in and out of the bookmobile we made their acquaintance and talked. We met one woman in particular, Bernadette, who told us about her family and her husband who was a fisherman.
We had a beautiful week and had a great diffusion of books and music.

The last full day we were there happened to be October 2, the feast of the guardian angels. It also was the first Thursday of the month, which in our congregation is dedicated to the guardian angels. We were driving down the road and noticed a car following us. The woman driving it started to wave and caught up with us. It was Bernadette. “Sisters!” she said. “I’m so happy that I found you! Ever since I saw you earlier this week, I’ve been trying to find you again. In fact, I’ve been driving up and down the island looking for you. I was praying to my guardian angel when I saw your bookmobile!”

She wanted to invite us to dinner that night. After a week of eating on the run, we were grateful for the invitation. So that evening we enjoyed a wonderful dinner of trout. Her husband assured us “this trout is so fresh it slept in the Gulf that night.” After the main course, Bernadette got up and said she was going to the kitchen to get the dessert. She came back shortly with a freshly baked angel food cake! We had to laugh and thanked our angels for providing us with a wonderful dinner and good company.

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