Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oral contraceptives and heart disease

I'm currently working on a book about women and the Church's teaching on human sexuality. While the purpose of the Church's teaching is to promote moral health, indirectly it also has physical health benefits.
A study that was released not too long ago showed that using oral contraceptives doubles the risk for heart attack or stroke. The analysis is here.

In effect, the massive use of contraceptive pills over the last few decades has endangered women's health in a way that is only now starting to come to light. It's ironic these pills are used so much in a time when there is a great growth of interest in natural, organic food and other chemical-free ways of promoting health.

The Couple to Couple league is one group that offers help to couples who are seeking a moral alternative to the widespread acceptance of contraception in our culture.

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Anonymous said...

These pills are also given out too easily to our young girls who suffer from acne without weighing the great risks that they can cause.

I am very thankful for the CtoC League and the information they provide. It was through them, not our diocese, that we discovered NFP and we have been blessed, to put it mildly.