Friday, November 06, 2009

Unemployment and the wily manager

Today's Gospel is about the wily manager, sometimes called the unjust steward. Jesus praises this dishonest steward not because of his dishonesty, but because he showed initiative in taking care of his own interests. Jesus' point is that we should take just as much initiative when it comes to God's work.

The unjust steward acted to save himself when he knew he was about to lose his job.
Unfortunately, the latest report shows that unemployment has reached 10.2 percent, the highest in 26 years. The real rate is higher because the official statistic doesn't included discouraged workers, nor those who work part time when they really need full time jobs.

There's a lot of talk about a so-called "jobless recovery," but I don't believe that. The economy can't recover unless people have jobs. I'm not an economist, but that's just common sense.
St. Joseph is the patron of workers, and he's the man to turn to if you're looking for work.

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