Thursday, March 18, 2010

Misguided nuns

A group of nuns just released a letter urging Congress to support Obamacare. A story in the Boston Globe this morning said they represent 59,000 American nuns.

Wrong. They don't represent me.

Obamacare would be a universal nightmare.

1) It would greatly expand abortion funding. That means more abortions. Whatever you subsidize, you get more of. For unborn babies, Obamacare is DEAD WRONG.

2) It would be as efficient as other government entities. Think the post office. Think about your local DMV. (No offense to the people who work there; I just mean the whole system is inefficient.) Remember the story that came out a few months ago about NASA? That it lost pictures of the moon landing, one of the most historic events of our age? If they can't even keep track of that, what do you think would happen to your medical records?

3) It would drive doctors out of the profession and reduce access to care.

4) Rationing, rationing, rationing. People in the UK with cancer have lower survival rates because they don't have access to up to date treatments.

5) The bill does nothing for real medical reform, like tort reform. Lawsuits would continue to drive up costs for everyone.

6) Who pays? The US government is broke. It only survives by borrowing money from China. How much longer can that go on? The baby boomers are starting to retire and Social Security will be maxed out soon. A 2006 report in the journal of the St Louis Federal Reserve admitted that at the time, the US government had over 65 trillion in unfunded liabilities. And it's about to add a huge new entitlement program? At some point, if fiscal sanity is not restored, the whole thing will burst and no one will have anything. The check is NOT in the mail. This whole thing is a fraud because ultimately Uncle Sam can't afford to pay for everything for everybody. No one seems willing to admit that.

Real reform is needed, not this mess of a 2000+ page bill. No one even knows exactly what's in it. As Nancy Pelosi famously said recently, "We have to pass the bill so that you can know what's in it." Right, Nancy. Well said. We know exactly what you're up to. Not to mention the trick of "deeming" it passed without actually voting on it.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see your response. I am a Catholic also.
I have a question and comment for you:
I think you missed a central point: whether it is moral or immoral. Obamacare and other versions of socialistic medicine require force and coercion (and social engineering). Does Catholicism support forcing one human being to help another? If not, then the bill and philosophy underlying this bill is immoral for us. Is it not theft to force one man to use his property to help another? Does the dignity of the human being mean that we have the ability, the freedom, and the right to act as we see fit? Isn't it force and coercion an act against our dignity?

What do you think?