Monday, March 01, 2010

Saint a Day apps for your Iphone

Our mission here at Pauline Books & Media is to evangelize using the means of new media. So it seemed like the perfect fit for us to create an application for your iPhone or iPod Touch! Introducing—the Saint-a-Day application (click here to purchase)

Cantcha, Inc., the makers of iMissal, have teamed up with the Daughters of St. Paul to develop a comprehensive daily Saint application.

Saint-a-Day is built using content from the extremely popular Saint-a-Day books from the Daughters of St. Paul through their publishing house, Pauline Books & Media.. The application is useful as a reference tool, for daily meditation and prayer, and as a spiritual companion. Saint-a-Day is also practical for teachers, homilists, and leaders who want to bring the saints into their classrooms, homilies, and groups.

Application features include:

*Saint Biographies
A biography for every day of the year!
Quick navigation to today's saint biography.

*A full liturgical calendar, which can quickly navigate to any saint biography of the year.

*A fully searchable, alphabetic listing of saint biographies.

*Each saint’s biography concludes with a short meditation for the day on what you can learn for your daily life from that saint.

*Biographies can be emailed to your friends and family to reflect upon.

*Prayers to Saints
-Prayers can be displayed alphabetically or by need category (e.g. Addiction, Sickness, Financial struggles, etc.).
-Prayers can be emailed to others in need, or you can send a novena prayer to join someone in intercession for a special intention.
-Over 100 saint prayers, for example:

St. Thérèse in Time of Need
St. Jude to be Freed from an Addiction
St. Lucy for Preservation of the Gift of Sight
St. Dymphna for Someone Suffering from Depression
St. Gerard for Motherhood
St. Joseph to Sell a House or Property
Police Officer’s Prayer to St. Michael
St. Agatha for Someone with Breast Cancer and many more...

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

Great idea.

God bless.