Friday, June 11, 2010

A day in the life....

Sometimes people ask me what I do all day. Well, besides editing books, which is my main assignment right now, I do anything that comes along.
This morning, for example, I took a call from an elderly gentleman who had a question about our Weekday Missal. He thought at first that the missal was mistaken because it didn't match what was in the missalette at his parish.
But today is the feast of the Sacred Heart, so the text for that feast is on a different page in the missal. I walked him through it and explained more about the layout of the missal and where to find things.

But I found myself being edified by this man. He said he's recently started to go to daily Mass and said he wants to "turn my life around." God bless him! He told me he feels he should have been doing this years ago. But what matters now is today. And he's going to Mass and praying each day, now, today. I'm sure the Lord is very pleased with him. Jesus surely holds this man, and others like him, in the burning furnace of love that is his Sacred Heart.


Anonymous said...

It says up top not to be afraid but that's not the case here. You claim you know the truth but the reality is there's nothing. I wish i could explain further and with more knowledge but i'm not a clever person. If it boils down to faith and faith alone then i'm already dead, even though i breathe.

I went on another nuns site where they had a blog etc. I chatted a little with some ppl in a chatroom there and one told me that there's no point if i don't believe or try to. I wish i could but i can't pretend.

Sorry to bother you but i don't talk much to ppl anymore. I have done really bad things in past too. Although that won't happen again i stll feel guilt and shame. I has to be only a defect in us humans,it can't be god telling us right or wrong.

Ancilla said...

I have two cats and two dogs. I got the cats from our neighbor across the street when they were barely able to live without their mother. I had to feed them, protect them from the dogs that are too big for their size when cats think that dogs are enemies.
I had to display my care for the cats so that the dogs knew they would get into trouble if they bit the cats. The cats know that they can trust me. I am not an animal lover. Dog to guard the house; cat to eat mice. But their trust is so precious that I don’t want to lose it. It took me too long to gain it.
The gray cat often strays into the house when I leave the door open and gets caught. She knows she is in trouble when I call her out. But instead of running away, she crouches down into a submissive position as if to say “you love me too much to harm me. I won’t run away, I won’t bite you. Come pick me up.” Seeing the cat, I often thought to myself “I want to be like this cat to God.”
Faith is like that—it is trusting that Someone loves me too much that I won’t run away from him. It is not assenting to a bunch of truth if you have no trust.
Guilt and shame don’t have enough power to change this love. (In my case, it costs me too much to gain the cats’ trust—time, care, frustration). They are overwhelming at times but I won’t let them manipulate me too long. I love my cats (rather, I don’t want to lose their trust) so much more my God loves me. I won’t run away from him because that would be hurtful to him as it would be hurtful to me if my cats don’t trust me. Also, heaven is full of biggest sinners who refused to believe in guilt and shame.

Ancilla said...

It's not:
I love my cats (rather, I don’t want to lose their trust) so much more my God loves me.

It should be:

God loves me so much more than I love my cats.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sorry,i made some typos.

Hey,you know what?..I admit i'm pathetic and lonely. My parents still love me though

Thats a nice story but i'm so negative i think of what that cat would do if you didn't feed it etc.

There can't be a real reason for me being here on this planet.I'm so weak-minded you wouldn't believe it.I've seen sad stories of brave people with illnesses,some of them talk about Jesus,sometimes only months before they die.

I wish i did believe in something but there's always something telling me it's not true and that it's a way for many people to overcome reality.

All thast is over. My conscience finally got the better of me.This is why i make little friendships. Mostly stay clear of me when i tell them. Some of us shouldn't have been born.

Anna Truong, FSP said...
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Ancilla said...
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Ancilla said...

"My conscience finally got the better of me." Do you mean the devil now accuses you of the evil things you did? He is good at that. God doesn't do that. He helps you know that you have done wrong and move out of it. Once he forgives, he doesn't remember it. So stop letting the evil one plays on your mind. My email if you want to email me.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

This was a nice post, Sister. I love how you see people and the world. It's nice to see you're not jaded by life but that you constantly see the beauty in every life you encounter.