Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New apps!

Check out a new Catholic App in iTunes: Rosary Miracle Prayer. 100 images, audio of the Daughters of St. Paul praying the rosary, music from their internationally acclaimed choir, scripture readings and contemplative reflections…. The most comprehensive app for praying the rosary available. (Android available soon.)

Want a Catholic App for your iPhone? Try the just released Rosary Miracle Prayer available in the iTunes store.

Tired of praying the rosary alone? Try Rosary Miracle Prayer just released for iPhones and iPod Touch in the iTunes store. Pray the rosary with the Daughters of St. Paul and enjoy a choice of 100 images for contemplation and fantasic music. (Android available soon.)

Pauline Books and Media just released Rosary Miracle Prayer: a Catholic app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Check it out at:

Pope John Paul II encouraged us to deepen our praying of the rosary. Finally, an App that leads us in doing just that! Rosary Miracle Prayer at Available in iTunes. (Android version within a month.)

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