Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Angels: Help from on High

Today, the feast of the angels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, is the perfect day to announce the new book I have written: Angels: Help from on High

It will be available in a few weeks; right now it's still at the printer. The book is a great overview of Catholic teaching on the angels. It covers both doctrine and devotion. The doctrinal part draws from St. Thomas, who wrote a great deal about the angels. Besides general teaching on the angels, it has chapters on the three archangels, guardian angels, Mary and the angels, and a section of prayers and devotions to the angels. It also contains true stories from various persons who believe they were helped by their angels, sometimes in extraordinary ways.

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Sr. Susan James said...

Yeah! Can't wait "till it arrives! Congratulations Sr. Lorraine!
Have a great Angels Feastday today!
Sr.Susan James