Monday, November 22, 2010

The Pope did not approve condoms

This article by George Weigel is a good explanation of what he actually said about it in his new book.

And this article is also helpful. Janet Smith explains more about what the Pope really said.


Anonymous said...

This is where I am keeping up with the responses and ignoring msm.
But, it would help to know what he said to answer other Catholics, especially the poor ones who are in freak out mode.
Children, get out your rulers, we are going to diagram a sentence! That should solve the problem. They should have been more offended by his last remark...that the fact the male prostitute is thinking of consequences is moving him (maybe) toward a more human (non animal like) sexuality.

Reminds me of his speech that ended in nun being killed (elsewhere) but because the media took it out of context....

Sr. Lorraine said...

Hi Opey,

Yes, the media has taken this out of context. However, the problem started because the L'Osservatore Romano published a piece of this interview out of context, without good explanation, and before the official time for publication. So the L'Osservatore bears responsibility for the confusion as well. They should not have published it before the book was released, and the official book launch done. Bad move!

Lauretta said...

I'm sure that one of the frustrating things for the Holy Father is the fact that so much time is going to be spent debating what he did or did not say about condoms that much of the rest of the book will be ignored. It sounded like he had some beautiful comments about other topics such as eschatology that will possibly never be heard in public. What a shame. One wonders if possibly some people should volunteer to teach reporters how to read things in context. They seem to have such a hard time accomplishing that!

Anonymous said...

Isn't L'Osservatore their (Vatican's) paper?

Kevin said...


Yes and no.

In theory, it is "The Vatican's" Paper.

Yet as John Allen Points out in All The Pope's Men , the first rule of discussing "The Vatican" is that there is no such thing as "The Vatican."

More specifically, the Secretariat of State runs the paper. Yet he is certainly not a "editor-in-chief." Combine these realities with a (let's face it) Curia which as of right now has little to no understanding of the 24/7 media culture (JPII masked this due to his charismatic personality, but the truth was their understanding wasn't very good back then either), and it can lead to some unfortunate incidents like this one.

Nothing the Pope said was wrong. Yet it was out of context, and even if it weren't (they quoted the whole thing), they probably should've done a LOT better in preparing a response, rather than being reactive. (Anyone should have been able to see this was gonna cause a bit of controversy. Benedict knew their is an inherent risk of controversey in these kinds of venues.)

It will be a learning moment no doubt.

Sr. Lorraine said...

Yes, let's hope it will be a learning moment. Somehow I have my doubts though...