Friday, March 11, 2011

Sr Cecilia Paula Livingston, RIP

This morning around 3:30, Sr Cecilia Paula died of complications from cancer. She was 57 years old and had battled cancer for the past few years.

I got to know Sr Cecilia a little better when she was the local superior of our Boston community about, in the late 90s. She was always a very conscientious sister, careful to observe the vows and a spirit of poverty.

Sr Cecilia had a good sense of humor too. One summer I went with her and a couple other sisters (including her blood sister, Sr Jane) to the Courage conference in Ottawa. We had a book display and recorded the conference talks, as we do every year. It was an eventful trip when a lot of funny things happened. On the way up we stopped at a friend's house in Vermont. As we drove into the parking lot of a nearby plaza, our car conked out. Right at that moment, our friend just happened to drive in and saw us. Then the car mysteriously started up again and was fine for the rest of the trip. We got stuck in a huge traffic jam on a bridge in Montreal because a lawn mower had fallen off someone's truck. Sr Cecilia had a really good humor about the whole thing. Then when we arrived at the conference, we found we were staying in a remoter part of an old retreat house. The hot water to that part had been shut off, naturally. Then a bat got in and was flying around the hallway near our book display. On the way home we narrowly avoided an accident when some lady went through a red light and barely missed us, but looked at us as if we had no right to be on the road. It was a funny trip and Sr Cecilia kept her good humor throughout the whole thing.

Now she is with the Lord. I am grateful for the gift that she was in my life. May she rest in peace, and enjoy the eternal reward she so richly deserves.


Margie said...

Dear Sr. Lorraine,

Many thanks for sharing, including photo. May God grant Sr. Cecilia Paula, FSP, eternal rest and peace, through Jesus, Divine Master. Amen.

Many thanks to Sr. Cecilia Paula for conveying her desire to intercede for us Pauline Cooperators before entering into the next life.

May God be glorified for the wonderful life led by Sr. Cecilia Paula, FSP. Amen.


Sr. Lorraine said...

Thank you, Margie, for your kind thoughts and prayers!

Anna Truong, FSP said...

Thank you Sr. Lorraine for putting her photo up.
Sr. Anna

Candice Wilcox said...

Dr Sister Lorraine,

My thoughts and prayers are with all the Daughters of St Paul. May all the Daughters feels at peace that your beloved sister is in the arms of the Father without pain.

Candice Wilcox

Tina said...

Thank you for sharing these memories, Sr. Lorraine. You Sisters have always been so faithful in supporting the Courage Conferences. I'd forgotten all about the bat that came flying inside, in Ottawa! :)

May dear Sr. Cecilia rest in peace, with much joy!

Sally said...

Dear Sisters, It is with great sympathy to hear the news of Sr. Cecilia. I remember her well at each of the Courage conference. Very pleasant always and helpful. May she rest in peace. Sally

Anonymous said...

Sr. Cecilia was a wonderful person. May she rest in peace.