Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mary, the Assumption, and TOB

It’s common to hear people say nowadays, “I’m spiritual but not religious.” The Assumption of Mary helps us realize why being spiritual isn’t enough. I’m religious because I’m not just a disembodied soul, but a human being, body and soul together. I don’t look for a salvation that leaves my body in the dust. My body is an essential part of who I am—and so it is for each human being.

The Assumption means that Mary was assumed into heaven body and soul. This teaching proclaims loud and clear that the human body is important. It matters, because matter matters. From the earliest ages, the Church has had to refute the idea that matter doesn’t matter. That strain of thought, whether in the form of Gnosticism, or Manicheism, or any other “ism,” seems to keep rising up to make us despise our bodies.

The theology of the body reminds us of the greatness of our bodies and the lofty destiny that we have. Mary has already been assumed bodily into heaven. We look forward to the day when we will rise again in our bodies, to enjoy eternal life forever with God and all the saints.

Mary, assumed into heaven, pray for us!

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