Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pope Francis: Nuns should be mothers, not old maids

I love Pope Francis and the way he speaks in such a down-to-earth way.
On May 8 he met with a group of sisters, and told them frankly:

La consacrata è madre, deve essere madre e non “zitella”! Scusatemi se parlo così, ma è importante questa maternità della vita consacrata, questa fecondità! 

My rough translation: "The consecrated women is a mother; she must be a mother and not an old maid! (zitella). Excuse me for speaking like this, but this maternity of the consecrated life, this fruitfulness, is so important!"

In his simple way, he's essentially saying the same thing that Pope John Paul often talked about. To be happy in life, we must make a "sincere gift of self," and give ourselves in love to others. 

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