Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The shock of the Incarnation

Once in a while it's good to let the mysteries of the faith shock us a little.
Last night I happened to read something about the Incarnation in St. Thomas, where he speaks about whether it was fitting for God to become man.
One short sentence suddenly jumped off the page and left me shocked:

"It was fitting that God, by reason of his infinite goodness, should unite it [human flesh] to himself for man's salvation."

Yes, in Jesus Christ, God united human flesh to himself. This is something we're taught as Catholics from our childhood. And it's easy to get used to it and forget how astounding it truly is.

All I could do was go to chapel and sit there for a while, just letting it sink in. And then pray.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Waldstein on TOB

We just had a TOB retreat led by Michael Waldstein (who translated Man and Woman He Created Them). It was a great experience to be able to pray over the important ideas in TOB.

One idea is the connection between the divine indwelling and the virtue of purity. The Holy Spirit dwells in us like a temple, and brings his 7 gifts. The one that relates most to purity is the gift of piety or reverence--in this case, reverence for one's own body.

Purity is the glory of God in the human body.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Pope Francis on Faith

In his new encyclical on faith released today, Pope Francis speaks of faith as a
""supernatural infused virtue." It's good to get this reminder that above all, faith is a virtue. As a supernatural virtue, it's a gift of God. We can't give it to ourselves, nor can we acquire it by any human effort.

As a virtue, faith transforms us. Francis also stresses that faith works through love.
It is only through love that we can really believe, because faith enables us to entrust ourselves to God.

We will be publishing this important new document very soon. Check our website for details: www.pauline.org