Monday, April 25, 2016

Jesus and the Holy Spirit--how are they connected?

The Dominican theologian Yves Congar spent years studying and writing about the Holy Spirit. He said toward the end of his life: “If I were to draw but one conclusion from the whole of my work on the Holy Spirit, I would express it in these words: no Christology without pneumatology, and no pneumatology without Christology” (Word and Spirit, p. 1).

That got me thinking. What does that mean for me? Our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, developed devotion to Jesus, our Divine Master, who defined himself by saying, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.” What is the connection between Jesus Master and the Holy Spirit? I hadn’t thought about that very much before!

In praying the chaplet to the Divine Master that Bl. James wrote, I noticed several connections between Jesus and the Holy Spirit. A central one is this short prayer: “Live in us, Jesus, through the outpouring of your Holy Spirit.”

I started to pray that more often during the day. It’s beginning to help me realize more how Jesus acts in us through the Holy Spirit, and vice versa. (Of course the Father is there too, but that’s a separate topic for development.) Jesus communicates grace to us; he is the source of grace. Yet he gives it through the Holy Spirit, and by sending the Spirit to us. In turn, the Holy Spirit configures us to Jesus, first at Baptism and all throughout our lives.

This time before the feast of Pentecost is a good time to turn more to the Holy Spirit in prayer, asking for an outpouring of grace and spiritual gifts.

“Live in us, Jesus, through the outpouring of your Holy Spirit.”

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